Modern Latinas : How Latina Women View the World

A photo of a latina during the Dia de Muertos
Latin PersonalsLatinas make it a point to integrate their cultural identity and heritage with the modern times.

Evolution is applicable to the development sequence of the Latin American people and culture. Latina women these days are proactive in the positive changes that are occurring in their society, evident by the active participation of modern Latin women in the civic theatre.

In the 21st century, everything evolves fast. The advancement of technology has allowed us to change our way of life, and change the mores of society as well.

With the rapid evolution in society comes a shift in our cultural characterization. What was once considered taboo is slowly being accepted today.

This rapid shift in cultural and moral definitions will greatly affect the personality of a certain demographic. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the changes will redefine who they are as people, but will essentially change their perspectives on current social issues surrounding them.

Intercultural Marriages

The rise in popularity of online dating, dating apps, and other online matchmaking services and dating sites has made international and intercultural marriages with Latina women possible. This new dynamic in dating has made finding potential partners easier, and has quite frankly widened the horizon of the dating scene.

Singles essentially have the opportunity to meet people abroad without having to leave the borders of their own country. Due to the ease of access and the wide possibilities that international dating offers today, more and more singles are turning to international matchmaking.

Traditional Latin American Culture

In order for us to fully understand how Latina women have adapted and thrived in the modern environment, it is best we take a look at the traditional customs that give Latina women their unique cultural identity, and to take a look that goes beyond the stereotypes associated with their race and ethnicity.

The first thing you have to remember is to leave the stereotypes behind. Films and other media have portrayed Latin American women to fit into their scripts, mostly in characters that are sexualized in nature; they’re feisty, they’re overly religious, they’re associated with gangs or “cartels” as is portrayed in films. These are all stereotypes you should leave behind the door.

Latin American people are genuine and passionate. They have a rich familial tradition and as a result, they make sure their partners feel taken care of. They grew up in a society with close ties with the community and they are very cordial towards the community.

Family Values

Traditionally, the Hispanic family is a close-knit group and the most important social unit. The term familia usually goes beyond the nuclear family. The Hispanic "family unit" includes not only parents and children but also extended family.

In most Hispanic families, the father is the head of the family, and the mother is responsible for the home. Individuals within a family have a moral responsibility to aid other members of the family experiencing financial problems, unemployment, poor health conditions, and other life issues.


Latin American culture is rooted in formality when interacting with one another. A firm handshake is a common practice between people as greeting and for leave-taking. A hug and a light kiss on the cheek are also common greeting practices between women, and men and women who are close friends or family.

The Spanish language provides forms of formal and informal address (different use of usted vs. tu for the pronoun you, polite and familiar commands, the use of titles of respect before people's first names such as Don or Dona).

In informal settings, conversations between Latin American speakers are usually loud, fast, and speech is often accompanied by animated gestures and body language to better convey points.

Modern Latinas

Latina women today have kept up to pace when it comes to the modernization of society and culture. Latinas make it a point to integrate their cultural identity and heritage with modern times.

An example of this is the changing gender roles when it comes to the Latin American culture, most especially evident in the labor force. Latina women were often relegated to homemaking and child rearing responsibilities.

Today, women comprise a huge part of the labor force, with a good number taking up leadership positions in various key industries. Statistics show that more and more Latina women are pursuing higher education.

This has led to more and more women becoming financially independent. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Latinas wish to leave behind the culture of being family-oriented. It does mean that due to their independence in today’s society, they are given the option of being a homemaker instead of being one out of a lack of other options.

The 21st century not only saw Latinas take leadership in various professions, but also leadership in national fronts of geopolitics and international policies.

Dating a Modern Latina Woman

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