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Online Matchmaking Platforms

Technology -- with how advanced it is nowadays, has certainly made life easier in a lot of ways. Communicating with your loved ones who are a thousand miles away is now made more convenient. In this virtual world, seeing someone and finding love internationally is just a click away. Numerous dating sites and marriage agencies have been established to help single men and women find their match.

In Latin America’s dating scene, the two most popular websites for online dating are Craigslist and Latin-Personals. Although both sites have the common goal of matching single men and women for marriage, there are several differences between the said sites.

Craigslist Personals


Craigslist is an American online advertisement company founded by Craig Newmark. It caters to several sections including sales, gigs, housing, jobs, and many other services. One of its most visited sections is its online personals. It is where single men and women can meet and communicate with one another for dating.

Numerous couples have met each other through the website and while some have positive experiences to share about it, there are also many users who have negative comments and experiences. Unfortunately, these negative experiences were not addressed by the company itself, which have made the site’s ratings drop to a low point.

Below are some of the reasons why:

Lack of Company Name

Users who regularly go on Craigslist will quickly notice that there is a lack of a company name or representation in their personals section. Since there’s no host company that manages the posts and accounts of the singles who wish to meet other singles for dating, it has resulted in many scams like identity fraud.

Furthermore, nobody can be held accountable when something goes wrong, since Craigslist does not take responsibility for the actions of its users. Due to this, the users’ security is at risk.

Lack of Authenticity of the Personals and Profiles

Furthermore, another failure of Craigslist is not verifying the authenticity of the profiles listed on the site’s personals section. As a result, it’s difficult to tell whether the existing profiles seen on the site are authentic or not. Since it’s typically very easy to set up a fake profile using someone else’s images and personal details, scamming is likely to occur smoothly for the person responsible.

Lack of Security in Meetups

Since the profiles of the personals can be easily faked, security during meetups will be highly risky as well. You cannot guarantee your safety in meeting someone you don’t know that well yet and have only just started communicating with through the internet. Possibly, you’ll end up meeting a scammer, kidnapper, or even a murderer in the worst case scenario.

Though this may not happen often, it is still undeniable that many cases like these have been recorded already. Would you dare risk your own welfare for this? Of course not. This is why a number of personals from this site have withdrawn their accounts entirely and decided to sign up for different sites that offer more security and accountability.

Craigslist Personals


Latin-Personals is one of the most respected foreign singles’ introduction and tour services in the world. It is also considered as one of the best Latin marriage agencies these days. The company was founded in 1995 and is among the very first international online marriage agencies in the world.

The site mainly focuses on beautiful single women in Latin America, who are sincerely looking serious and long-term relationships with foreign men across the globe. Aside from its excellent services, the site is also handled by several hands-on staff who represent the women found in the personals.

The company’s role in this industry is to become the bridge that connects single men and women, thus allowing the love between them to bloom naturally. Below are the reasons why numerous Latin singles prefer to use the website:

Presence of Company Name

Latin-Personals is a specific company holding its own name in the singles’ industry. The presence of a company name assures full security to all the clients who wish to find their match. Important details about the site are also provided and can easily be found on each web page. Therefore, potential clients won’t have reservations in availing of the services that the site offers.

The company also offer tours --- both group or individual --- for every client who wants to meet their potential partners. All of the accurate and reliable information one may need to know is already found within the site itself, there’s no room for scams and fraud here.

Authenticity of the Personals and Profiles

In Latin-Personals, all the women’s profiles have been personally verified by responsive and hands-on staff. You are highly-assured that all the information provided in the site are accurate and authentic. Latin women’s pictures resemble the same women you will be meeting during the meetups.

With this in mind, clients don’t have to deal with fake identities compared to other unsecured sites. Rest assured, your dating experience with the site is well worth it.

Security in Meetups

Since the company offers singles’ tour services for men who wish to meet Latin women in person. Our site also offers tour packages which include accommodation arrangements and social events. This serves as a meeting ground for our clients and personals. During the said tours, the clients will be given a sufficient amount of time to know their potential partners deeply. Everything will be done and arranged accordingly by our staff so there will be nothing to worry about.

Indeed, security during meetups will never be a problem since the company’s top priority is the safety of every client. Establishing a good rapport with Latin singles for marriage will be made possible if you register here for free.

These are the biggest differences between the two sites. Although they have some similarities, it’s undeniable that Latin-Personals is the more reliable and beneficial option than the other.

Allow us to help you find the one you will be spending the rest of your life -- your Latin bride -- by availing our services. Know how to meet women in Latin America and when you do, find the girl of your dreams among them.

Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Meet and date her now, so you can marry her -- Is there any real reason to wait?

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