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A Brief Historical Background of Latin America

Learn the rich and mesmerizing history and culture of Latin America.
Latin PersonalsFour Latin Americans posing for a photo with a globe in hand.

If you are truly interested in dating and potentially marrying one of our single Latin personals, it is imperative that you understand their history first. Learning the colorful culture and traditions of these Latin personals will also allow you to understand them better.

The history of Latin America is one that can be categorized as rich yet turbulent. Comprising the entire South American continent with the inclusion of Central America and the Caribbean islands, this region is home to varied cultures and diverse people. All in all, the Latin American region is composed of 29 countries along with dependent states and constituent entities.

  • The Start of Spanish and Portuguese Rule

    Latin American countries share a common colonial history. All countries that comprise the region with the exception of French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname have been colonized by either Spain or Portugal. The early history of this region has essentially been shaped by events that involved Spanish conquistadors and the once mighty Portuguese Empire.

    Unknown to a lot of people, before Christopher Columbus discovered Continental America, Portugal already had a legal claim on this huge chunk of land. In 1494, after a year of dispute over control of the newly-discovered continent, the two powerful empires ratified the Treaty of Tordesillas which essentially ceded Brazil to Portugal, leaving the rest under Spanish control. This treaty will then lay the foundation of the current demographics of the Latin American Region.

  • Latin American Independence

    Spain will consequently rule over the majority of the region for over three centuries. However, during the Empire’s fall to Napoleon from 1807 to 1808, most of Spain’s colonies found this as an opportune time to escape from Spanish rule.

    While most Latin American countries gained independence between 1818 and 1825, Cuba and Puerto Rico became US protectorates after the Spanish-American War. The former was granted independence in 1902, while the latter is still under U.S. jurisdiction up to this day.

  • Spanish Influence in Latin America

    Up to this day, Spanish influence is still very evident in the culture of Latin America. Having ruled the region for over three centuries, their influence extends even up to the present-day Latin American dating culture.

    The tradition in Latin America is a unique blend of traditional indigenous practices and Spanish influence, which makes for a rather colorful culture. One of the Spanish influences that has persisted and prevailed in Latin America is religion. Due to Spanish colonialism, Latin America has become a predominantly Catholic region.

  • Language in Latin America

    This region is also a home of different languages. With Spanish being the most widely spoken language, it only goes to show the extent of Hispanic influence in the region.

    Despite the fact that only Brazil recognizes Portuguese as a primary language, almost half of the population of South America speaks it. This is due in large part to Brazil being the largest and most populous nation in the continent.

    French and Dutch are also spoken in certain areas especially in the Caribbean. However, most of the countries that speak the aforementioned languages weren’t subjected to either Spanish or Portuguese rule.

Latin America: The Dance Capital of the World

Learn the different Latin American dances to impress your Latina on the dance floor.
Latin PersonalsA Latina and Latino dancing on the streets.

The colorful and diverse culture of Latin America has sprung some of the most famous and complex dances in the world. This region has given us a host of different kinds of dances that has and is continually taking the world by storm. That explains why Latin America is touted as the dance capital of the world.

Your dance moves will certainly be put to test when dating a Latina. If you ever get invited to a Latino family gathering, be sure to bust out those moves because they will relentlessly drag you to the dance floor. In order to impress Latin brides and their families, it is important to get familiar with some of these Latin American dances:


    Bachata is a dance originating from the Dominican Republic. Its primary movements are side to side in a four-beat pattern incorporating pronounced hip movements.

    Cha Cha

    This is perhaps the most recognizable dance in this list. Originally from Cuba, Cha Cha has gained world recognition because of its relatively easy steps. Its basic movement is stepping forward and then backward and a quick three step shuffle.


    Salsa originated in the Caribbean and is known to be one of the most entertaining and widely practiced social dances in the world.


    Originally from Brazil, Samba is one of the most popular Latin dance styles when it comes to dancesport performances. The speed of the body movement varies depending on the beat and groove of the music. Samba can also be performed either with a partner or solo.


    Tango is often referred to as the dance of seduction due to its exaggerated sensual movements. Birthed in the dockside brothels of Buenos Aires Argentina, Tango is known for its racy and passionate choreography. It remains to be one of the most famous Latin dances to date.

These are just a fraction of the many dances that Latin America is profoundly proud of. Both cultural and popular arts are an integral aspect of the Latin American culture and tradition. It is a major variable that makes up their regional identity.

The Rich Heritage of Latin America

Understand Latinas better by learning Latin America’s rich heritage.
Latin PersonalsA diverse group of Latin American posing for a photo.

Latin America’s rich heritage is a by-product of diverse influences. While almost all Latin American countries share a common cultural ancestry, there can still be nuances across each country’s respective cultures.

Much of Latin America’s culture is also anchored in their Christian faith. Their religious inclination is evidently manifested in their marriage culture. Latinas revere the sanctity of marriage, which explains why the divorce rate in the Latin American region frails in comparison to that of other countries and regions of the world. If you’re really sincere in dating one of the beautiful Latin personals in our site, it is vital that you know a thing or two about their culture first.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of a few must-know facts about the rich heritage and colorful culture of Latin America:

    The People

    Latin America has an estimated population of over 600 million people. The region’s population is composed of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ancestry. However, majority of them identify themselves as mestizos.

    Latinas and Latinos are also generally known for having a positive outlook in life. In fact, a lot of Latin American countries are at the highest rung of the ladder in terms of happiness index. They are also known for being warm and hospitable.


    Except for Brazil which utilizes the Portuguese language, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Latin America. There are, however, several dialects spoken across the region which are derivatives of the Spanish language.

    Festivals and Fiestas

    Latin America is also home to colorful and jubilant festivals. Depending on which country, the inspiration behind their celebration ranges from religion, to honoring the dead, showcasing their cuisine, and celebrating a bountiful harvest.

    The colorful culture of the region is on full display during these festivals. These festive celebrations are also a major tourism draw in the region. Thus, it is highly recommended that you coincide your travel to any Latin American country during one of their festivals for a really worthwhile visit.

Latin America is indeed a region that is not just abundant with breathtaking tropical landscapes and stunningly gorgeous women. It’s rich and storied history, colorful culture and traditions are equally worth the recognition as well.

If you want to know more about the history and culture of Latin America, nothing can immerse you better than dating an actual Latina. You can register here for free and get a chance to meet beautiful Latin women who could potentially be your life mate.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Tuesday, 1 June, 9723 - Monday, 7 June, 9723
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