LOVE or LOOT? Do Colombian Women Date Foreigners for MONEY?

While often negatively represented in pop culture, there is more to Colombian women than the hot, feisty, gold-digging coquette popular media has long portrayed them to be.

Known for being passionate lovers, the passion of Latina girls will often get mistaken for a myriad of other things. For one, Colombianas are thought of as either overly dominant or submissive when in reality, Latina women seek their dream romantic connections where both partners have a say in crucial decision-making processes. Also, the currency of a Latina's love knows no monetary bounds. It thrives on shared values.

To reiterate what our Medellin matchmaker, Manuela, said, gold diggers are not endemic to Colombia or Latin countries; such deceptive people proliferates anywhere in the world. Appropriating prudence must then be exercised when dating beyond borders. She adds that foreign men who solo travel to Medellin hoping to guaranty a match should come with an open mind to create space for understanding cultural differences and mutual growth with the Colombian women they’re interested in dating.

Latina cupids in the form of local matchmakers, such as Manuela, go out of their way to help ease your search for love beyond borders. By organizing speed dating events and inviting 100+ Latinas in one night, that road to mutual understanding wouldn’t be so bumpy. The bits of wisdom you’ll learn along the way would make you a better bachelor so you’re ready once you meet your Latina bride.

While we look past these stereotypes assigned to Latin women, foreign bachelors who are uncertain of pursuing the passport bro lifestyle should also look past their own shortcomings. Passport bros who find romantic success beyond the manosphere in Latin America have done so by recognizing their own weaknesses and those of Colombian women while finding commonality in their imperfections. Even men who support the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement or those who identify as Red Pilled, the Blue Pill or the Black Pill encourage you to have faith in your own abilities and potential.

Whichever tribe of men you choose to be a part of, taking that first step into international dating is just as important as to ace live introductions with Colombian women. So, ready your passport because you might just meet your Latina wife.

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