12 Things You Should NEVER Say to Latin Girls

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Latin Personals Be confident when talking to Latin girls.

Cultural diversity is among the very few drawbacks that come with dating Latin girls.

No matter how well you think you know a Latina, there will always be certain distinctions in both your cultures that will remind you of how difficult a cross-cultural relationship can be.

Along with the intricacies of modern dating, another hindrance that can affect your chances of dating a Latina is communication. This does not refer to the language spoken, but rather, the limitations as to what is appropriate to say to Latin girls.

Even in dating, communication is a defining factor that can make or break a relationship. While it allows you and your partner to understand each other, it can also create misunderstandings if you use certain words incorrectly.

It is important to remember that what you think is a normal choice of words can mean a different thing to Latina women.

Hence, you should be sensitive to the things you say to them. Below are 12 good examples of things that you would not want your Latin date to hear from you:

1. Muy caliente!

Let’s face it, most of us think we sound awesome if we say something in their language, particularly a well known phrase.

While there are thousands of other appropriate words and phrases to learn in Spanish, do not ever compliment a Latina by telling her she’s very hot, which in Spanish translates to muy caliente.

Doing this will only make you sound like the hundreds of other men who only want to sleep with these women at the end of the day. If you are looking to get to know a Latin woman better, learn some meaningful phrases instead.

2. Are you Mexican?

Don’t mistake all Latin girls as Mexican.

Remember, Latin America is composed of different countries, and Mexico is only one of them. Much like referring to any Asian woman as Chinese, generalizing Latinas as Mexican can be offensive, unless you’re sure that they really are Mexican.

There are many negative stereotypes that revolve around Mexican women, and if you ask your Latina date if she is one, you might end up making her feel like you are associating her with a certain stereotype, or possibly, sizing her up.

3. Latin girls are hot.

Yes, they are. This is an obvious fact that is better kept to yourself. Instead of saying a Latina girl looks hot, try saying she’s beautiful. Appreciating one's beauty is a more accepted form of compliment and it does not make you sound like a perverted person.

4. Say something sexy in Spanish.

How would you feel if someone asked you to say something sexy in English? Weird, right?

The same goes for Latinas. There’s no way for them to tell which words are considered sexy considering they are used to hearing themselves speak in Spanish every day.

5. I hear you like cooking and doing household chores.

There are so many more interesting things to talk about than this. Bringing this up may imply that you see her to be fit as a housemaid.

While Latin girls take pride in their homemaking skills, it is better if they show it off to you when you are married or living together. Focus more on their other talents and passions in life.

6. I’m mainly attracted to Latinas.

This might suggest that you have a fetish for their race, which is not a good idea. If you do have one, best keep it to yourself.

7. Is Mexico safe?

She is Latina, not Mexican. If she is indeed Mexican, it is still offensive to ask her something like this. Some Latin American countries may have had their fair share of crimes and bloodshed, but let’s not forget that what has been portrayed in mainstream media is not always the norm.

Like any other country, the ones in Latin America also deal with crimes, but not to the point where people would think it is unsafe to travel there.

You may have been a victim of a petty crime at a certain point in your life, but who’s to say the same wouldn’t happen in any other country?

8. Do you come from a big family?

Latina women are family-centered, and they give equal importance to extended family members, but not all of them have big families. A modern family in Latin America can be as small as some of the ones you see in the United States. They are humans after all, not rabbits.

9. I bet your mom looks like Jennifer Lopez.

She’ll bet you wrong. Just because you are used to seeing beautiful Hispanic females on TV doesn’t mean all Latinas should live up to the hype. Latinas are naturally beautiful in their own way, but don’t assume that they all look like Sofia Vergara or Jennifer Lopez.

10. I heard Latinas are good in bed.

Yes, they are, and they don’t need to tell you that. If you really want to know if this statement is true, you need to up your game and impress Latinas instead of fishing around for the truth.

Otherwise, they will completely dominate you and leave you wondering about it more. Latinas are feisty and passionate in bed, but this is something that you need to earn if you really want to find out.

11. Can you dance?

While the majority of women in Hispanic countries are very good dancers, not all can dance just as well. Asking this to a random Latin woman will show just how stereotypical you are. Latin girls who can’t dance will most likely turn you away, fearing that you will have more expectations that they won’t be able to live up to.

12. Does your country have malls?

Not only do countries in Latin America have malls, but they also have all the modern day amenities that many other countries have. Just because they are from South America does not mean they are way behind when it comes to economic and industrial development. Don’t make these ladies look like they live in a cave by asking questions such as this.

Conversations With Latin Girls Made More Meaningful

There are a number of ethnic minorities in Latin America, so it’s never safe to assume that one particular group or country has the same set of ideals and cultures as the others. If your goal is to get to know a Latina woman better, focus on asking questions about her, especially what her preferences are in love and relationships.

It’s understandable that Latinas have their ways with romance, but if you are not careful, you might find yourself in a bad situation. What’s worse is you could lose your chance of building a lasting relationship with one.

Remember, communication is essential, and knowing what you should never say to Latin girls is just as important as knowing how to impress them.

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