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Latin PersonalsHere are some of the things you shouldn’t say when dating Latina women.
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Before dating Latina women, you better know the deal breakers first. These include not just actions, but also things you have to say to your Latina date, as well as avoiding what could be a first date ruin. The rule of thumb when dating a Latina or any other foreign woman is to keep away from stereotypes. Latinasalso have their own share of contempted kinds of conversations.

If you want to win the heart of a Latina woman right on the first date, then keep in mind not to say the following:

“I heard you guys have a bad temper.”

Yes, that’s something you might have heard from any Latina articles or even seen on dating a Latina meme, but for all you know, not every Latina woman is the same. This statement may not get you a second date. If anything, it’s like you’re implying that they would treat you badly, so keep your mouth shut and stay away from this stereotype.

“Hey, Mami!”

All they may answer to this is, “Hello, I’m not your mom.” There are different stages of dating a Latina, and sure, you may get to the point of comfort where you can call her this if she allows. But right now, as you’re on the first date after having met through an online dating site, calling her this may ruin your chances of getting her to go out with you again.

“Call me Papi.”

While a Latina loves to be cared for by a masculine figure, remember that you’re not her dad, and Papi isn’t the right word to call you as her significant other. Forget about asking her this; she will most likely never use the term anyway.

“I only date Latinas.”

Well, yes, that’s flattering for Dora the Explorer, too, that is if you mean you’re dating Latinas and every one of them. This will get you nowhere because, of course, your Latina date will want to feel special. You just gave her the impression that you don't see her that way.

“This is my Latina girlfriend.”

Seriously, introducing her this way only seems like a synonym to the statement above. If you’ve found her on a dating site, it may just mean to her you’ve dated many Latinas before, and everybody wants to feel special, even during the dating stage. It also sounds like a fetish, right? Well, it somehow is, and that will never be attractive to women of any race.

“You’re so spicy.”

This may sound like you’re dating some food, not a person, and may end up as another flirting fail. Latin American ladies are extremely beautiful and confident women, but you must not get to the point of referring to them as “spicy”. It’s the same as calling her “tamales” or any other kind of Mexican food. Just don’t do it.

“Muy caliente.”

Since you can’t call her spicy or any other Mexican food names, you might resort to calling her this, which, in Spanish, literally means “hot”. While this can also be a compliment, you must avoid saying it on the first date, especially while you're still trying to get to know each other.

“Do you speak Mexican?”

You should at least do a little research before facing your Mexican date. Now you have to know that the Mexican language doesn’t exist, but Spanish does. There are hundreds of other languages spoken in South America, but Spanish is the most widely spoken one.

“Are you Spanish?”

The moment you learn she speaks Spanish, you don’t have to ask this question as a follow-up. Yes, she speaks Spanish, but that’s not because she’s a Spanish girl from Spain. Mexico was once a colony under Spain - which explains why 99% of Latin people speak the language.

“You don’t look like a Latina.”

Just because she’s white and unlike any other typical Mexican woman of color, that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a Latina. It’s their one pride that Latina ladies are generally beautiful, so don’t make her feel like she is not a part of that group.

“You can’t dance? That’s so un-Latina of you.”

It’s true that dancing is ingrained in their culture that almost all Latinas are very good at traditional Latino dances, especially Salsa and Rumba. However, if you meet a different girl who doesn’t dance as much, just avoid commenting about it.

“Can you cook?”

Most of the world knows this urban stereotype that Latin girls are great sweethearts because they can treat their men like a king, preparing them a savory Mexican home-cooked meal any time of the day. But the truth is that not all Latinas are kitchen superwomen. If you’re asking this as if you’re expecting her to be your prim and proper wife who will cook for you every time you come home, don’t do it. She might not even like cooking herself.

“You have a big family, right?”

Again, not all Latino families are big and loud. So steer clear of asking questions about this topic. Another way of saying this is “I like dating Latinas because I want to have a big family as well.”

“You’re late.”

If you’re in Mexico, set your punctuality aside and start accepting the Latino Standard Time which can mean coming to appointments or events plenty of minutes or hours later. When she arrives at your date late, don’t make this comment. Think of it this way - her being late was because she wants to be dressed to the nines for you, aside from the fact that most Latinos simply have this tendency.


This is one thing you should only say to an older stranger. Address her with “tu” instead as she may take “usted” as a comment on her age.

These are just some of the terms and phrases you should avoid saying to Latina women. Once you're familiar with these things, you'll get better at conversing with the ladies and leaving a good and lasting impression.

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