Difficulties to Expect When Dating Latinas

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Latin Personals You should date Latina women at least once in your life.

Dating Latinas can be extremely challenging.

Being graced by their exotic beauty and famous Latina curves comes with a price – a price you know is worth equal to the amount of craziness they bring in a relationship, which is a good thing, since the bad doesn’t really cancel out the good.

However, like most relationships out there, each partner is bound to find an annoying trait about the other, and vice versa. But don’t worry, that’s actually a good thing. The more annoying our partner is, the stronger our feelings towards them.

Annoyance and love go hand in hand. The fact that you’re tolerating some of your partner’s lesser qualities says a lot about how much you love them. It’s these traits that make you love them even more.

Without further delay, we’ve purposely written this article to tell you what it’s like dating Latina women, specifically about their traits that make ordinary men worry if dating these women is right for them. With that said, keep in mind that dating a Latina is not for the weak.

Caveat: The majority of traits listed are mere generalizations. Stereotypes are unfair and dangerous. What we’re saying is that each Latina you meet in your life will have a unique and diverse personality. Hence, take this article as it is - a broad perspective regarding Latina women.

Now, all things considered, below are some difficulties you may or may not experience when dating these women.

You’ll have a hard time communicating with each other.

In relationships, it’s paramount to have and keep good communication with your partner. The better you both are at communicating your thoughts and feelings with each other, the stronger your relationship gets.

On the other hand, if you have poor communication, misunderstandings and conflicts are bound to happen. As a result, you’ll fight and break up, and no one wants that.

Also, if you don’t speak Spanish or even understand it remotely, it might pose a challenge to your relationship.

Though your Latina girl is able to speak English or your native language, you’ll still have a hard time communicating due to each other’s accent, language perception, and slang usage.

Ways to deal with it: Learn each other’s mother tongue by enrolling yourselves in the appropriate language class.

They don’t deal with jealousy very well.

Latinas are famous for their wrath and violent jealousy. You don’t want to be around them when they’re angry. Rest assured that they won’t hold back, so you better brace yourself through whatever storm comes along when they’re mad.

Here’s a tip: You’ll know fire is going to ignite soon enough if they’re giving you the cold treatment and the occasional stares of death. These are two signs to look out for. What’s coming next could be perilous.

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Latin Personals It’s not a matter of lack of trust, it’s just being cautious.

Ways to deal with it: Do not engage. Take it as it is. However, keep your defenses up and guard yourself for possible flying objects that may come your way.

Know that it’s not a lack of trust that causes a Latina to be this way. Instead, it’s because she loves and cares for you in ways you can’t imagine.

After the hurricane, she’ll be back to her sweet, lovable, and affectionate self again.

You’ll have to give them lots of affection and attention.

These women are romantics at heart. They’ve watched too many telenovelas growing up. Hence, they expect their partners to show them the same love and affection they grew up dreaming about.

This is not necessarily a bad or difficult trait to deal with. However, it can be annoying on certain days when you don’t want to be overly romantic or lovable towards your significant other.

Ways to deal with it: Being overly clingy is okay. It’s not too hard to deal with. All you need is patience, flexibility, and tolerance to survive. Just remind yourself of all her other redeeming qualities.

They can be obnoxiously loud.

It could be due to their culture, but Latina women have really loud voices when they talk, to the point that you would mistake their normal tone of voice for yelling. And when they do yell, it will sound as if they’re using a microphone.

Ways to deal with it: Get yourself a pair of earplugs. Though their loudness can cause a normal person a raging headache, we can’t help but agree that it adds to their charm.

They’re never on time.

Tardiness is not in their dictionary. If it is, they won’t acknowledge it.

In most Latin countries, unpunctuality is not a problem. Latin people have a high tolerance when it comes to lateness. They don’t care much when people don’t come on time. In fact, in some cases, it’s considered rude when you come early to parties.

Ways to deal with it: While others might consider it as being courteous, Latin people consider it rude, intrusive, and annoying when guests come early during dinner parties. Instead of taking care of the setup, they have to entertain you. Hence, if you’re not a native, you should adapt to their normal hours of being on time - also known as tico hour.

You need to survive Pedir.

In most Latin countries, there’s a dating culture where the man visits the woman’s household to ask for her family’s approval on the relationship.

From the guy’s perspective, it can be intimidating to meet the family, especially the father of the house. You’ll have to win him over if you want to be with his daughter romantically.

Ways to deal with it: Let her family see how genuine your intentions and feelings are towards her and show them your sincerity. They just want to protect her and want what’s best for her.

Expect to get a potbelly.

One of the many benefits of dating a Latina is that she gets to introduce you to amazing Latin flavors.

Latin food is recognized as some of the best in the world - tacos, tamales, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. Once your palate gets acquainted with these dishes, you’ll forever crave them.

Though friendly in taste, they’re unforgiving towards your waist size. Hence, expect to gain a few pounds.

Ways to deal with it: Get rid of those gained calories by being active. Get a gym subscription and sweat the fat out of your system.

You’ll have to constantly sweep them off their feet.

This leads us back to them watching too many telenovelas that it’s become unhealthy for them. It sets them to believe in unrealistic portrayals of romance and grand gestures a man should make for a woman.

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Latin Personals One way to make your Latina feel loved is by spending time with her.

Ways to deal with it: In real life, romantic gestures are more subtle. Do the best you can to make them feel cared for and loved, such as spending time with them, scheduling date nights, and constantly showing them you love them.

Dating Latina Women

Dating Latinas is a challenging experience. Sassy and spicy are the two words men often use to describe this breed of stunning ladies. With that said, only the brave can withstand their feisty nature.

If you’re one of these courageous men, we applaud your daringness. And if you haven’t dated one yet, now’s the time to get a real-life experience. Join our website and sign up to meet thousands of beautiful, single Latina women who are looking to be in relationships with men like you.

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