Dating Latina Women - Expectations Vs Reality

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Latin PersonalsThe delusional expectations of foreign men when dating Latina women compare to reality.

There are a lot of perks to dating Latina women. They have universal beauty that makes foreign men very fond of them. What does it take to be in a relationship with one?

Well, there are many stages of dating a Latina which are similar to all new relationships. Men dream of dating Latinas for so many reasons. Besides the fact that they are patient and loving, everyday is a party for these gals. They are one of the most sought after by men in terms of companionship for the reason that they won’t get bored with these ladies.

True, they are fun to be around and they will make you feel younger by being with them. However, due to social media, their culture and image has taken a left turn from what it is. For some reason they also believe these crazy stereotypes about dating a Latina.

Undeniably, there are some men who are only after them because of what they see and hear without prior understanding. They’ll expect something to happen, or they want something to be exactly the way they see or hear it on social media.

Here are some expectations that most men probably see/hear on social media when it comes to Latinas in a relationship:

  1. They’ll welcome you with home-cooked meals everyday.
  2. What year is this? The 1900s? We have grown and evolved from a patriarchal society where women have to serve men, where women aren’t allowed to find a job because a man should do so. Times have changed and these women aren’t lagging behind.

    Latina women have grown independent with their careers and other hobbies. Sure, they can still cook for meals every now and then, but don’t expect it to be as easy and fast as snapping your fingers.

  3. Latinas are passionate like in the movies.
  4. Latinas are hypersexualized in movies which is disturbing and an insult to their culture. Yes, they may be passionate and loving, but you can’t expect every Latina to be like in the movies. If your motive is to satisfy your fetish and justify your own needs, sorry to burst your bubbles but these women aren’t meant for you.

  5. Their hips don’t lie.
  6. When dating a Latina, it’s only natural that you want to explore her culture to impress them such as dancing. These women love to dance but don’t assume that everybody knows how to dance. Each one of these ladies have their own hobbies and specific activities that make them happy.

  7. They’ll clean up after you.
  8. Are you looking for a maid or a partner in life? Just like other women, they’ll probably get pissed and burn those things. Don’t misunderstand. These women love to take care of their partners, but a relationship is a two-way street. You have to at least reciprocate their actions in a loving way that shows that you care.

  9. They are always sweet and passive.
  10. That can be true -- until you piss them off. These ladies can make the devil himself look meek and mild. Once you blurt out the wrong words or do the wrong actions, your soul may reach the heavens first before figuring out things to say to a Latina girl when you get her mad.

  11. They’ll do as you say.
  12. Does a Latina woman look like a husky to you? A golden retriever maybe? A robot? No! They are all living individuals possessing emotions and feelings. We double dare you to try to command them and you will experience things that’s written in #5.

  13. They all have sexy accents.
  14. That’s just racist if you think so. Newsflash: Not all Latinas have accents. They are not all the same. Some of their careers involve mastery of English matters and linguistics. If all you desire is your satisfaction of worldly needs, you certainly don’t deserve to be with them. Who knows? There might be someone who sounds like an asthmatic walrus you didn’t know about but extremely beautiful inside and outside who can meet your criteria of a perfect partner.

  15. They all have an hourglass body build.
  16. As aforementioned above, Latina women are condemned to be hypersexualized and treated as sexual objects. Just because they are sexy, beautiful, and appealing to the eyes, doesn’t mean that they are.

    The sexy body figure isn’t a realistic depiction of every Latina. Some of them have to work for it, not to please anyone, but to stay healthy. They love to exercise and their sexy bodies are the result of doing so.

  17. They’re loud and temperamental.
  18. Quiet and shy Latina women aren’t an endangered species -- they exist. It’s true that they can be loud sometimes in addition to their strong personality, but they are not walking megaphones or ticking time bombs. It’s just the way they are, but this doesn’t apply to all Latina women.

  19. They’ll introduce you to all their relatives.
  20. In Latino family culture, it’s normal for a person to introduce someone they’re involved with to their family. Yes, they’ll introduce you to them but not literally to all of them. Some of them aren’t even that close to their relatives -- which is also normal.

    Don’t get your hopes up and expect something off the grid. Frankly, nobody has the time to tour all the residences just to introduce you, let’s be realistic. You will get to know them, maybe not now or later, but someday.

Removing Stereotypical Mindset

Knowledge doesn’t just come from what you see and hear. Sometimes you need to experience real life to prove your basis. Be open-minded and respectful to anyone. Try to walk on their shoes and see it from a different point of view.

The best remedy to avoid insulting them is to be not judgmental. Everybody deserves a chance to prove their worth. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits of dating a Latina, once you get accustomed to their ways and tradition, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for your own culture as well. Try dating Latina women, these stereotypes are an understatement of what they really are.

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