Being More Romantic While Dating Colombian Women

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Latin Personals Surprise your Latina girlfriend with sweet, romantic gestures.

You need to be romantic when dating Colombian women since their culture greatly values passion in relationships. They appreciate boldness and going out of your way to make a statement to show your feelings of love. It’s undeniable that they’re one of the most romantic people in the world.

With that said…

If you’re currently dating a Colombian woman and are looking for ways to make her feel loved, continue reading and take notes. We’ve compiled the best ways for you to introduce romance in your dating life with Colombian girls:

Secretly Learn Her Native Tongue

How to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you?

Sneakily enroll in a language class to learn Spanish. There are tons of online classes you can take that’s free! You can even buy audio books and listen to them while you have free time. It’s a fairly good plan.

When she least expects it, fluently answer her in her native tongue. She’ll be initially confused, but afterward impressed at your newly gained language skills. Soon enough, you’ll be able to hold a full conversation with her. It’s going to change your life as a couple.

Take Dancing Lessons

Dancing is an important aspect of Colombian culture. In fact, a common joke amongst locals is that Cumbia and Salsa, two popular Colombian dances, are embedded in every Colombian’s DNA. They don’t have to take classes, because they know how to dance by heart.

It’s highly possible your girl also loves to dance. That being said, why not take dancing classes to learn? You can finally take her out on salsa date nights and keep up with her on the dance floor.

Make Her Feel Desired and Loved

It’s important not to get “too comfortable” in the relationship. This happens when you stop making your partner feel pursued.

You’ve become too used to each other and you feel as though there’s no longer a need for romance. It’s one of the biggest mistakes couples make which causes the downfall of their relationship.

To avoid this, you need to consistently make an effort to keep the spark alive. Never stop making her feel loved and appreciated. Listen when she talks, tell her she’s beautiful, and make her feel special. No matter how small the gestures, it will always make an impact.

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Latin Personals Create unforgettable memories by spending date nights with your girl.

Perform the famous La Serenata

A grand and doable gesture is performing a musical serenade. You don’t have to be a good singer to do this. Your presence and a wireless music player are enough.

But if you want to go above and beyond, you could always hire a mariachi band to play while you stand in the middle carrying a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

You’ll need three things to pull this off flawlessly: the right time, the perfect song, and her favorite flowers.

La serenata is typically done during the golden hour, as the sun is setting. The pale tint of orange in the sky subtly adds a romantic ambiance, which is why it’s the most suitable time to perform the serenade.

The perfect song can be her own favorite, the song that played when you first met, or the song you choose to be your special love song.

Lastly, bring a beautiful bouquet. Flowers are an inherently romantic gift and will definitely be the icing on top of the cake.

Be Her Knight in Shining Armor

Following the culture of machismo, people in Colombia still abide by the unwritten rule that men should defend the honor of their women. It’s the men’s responsibility to care, protect, provide, and defend the girl in the relationship.

In the event that a person is disrespecting or attacking your woman, you’re expected to show chivalry and defend her honor. When you’re around, everyone should know they’re not allowed to hurt her.

Colombian women are used to being cared for and protected by their partners. Hence, if you ever see your girl showing signs of discomfort, assure her that you’ll be with her side providing her with the security she needs.

Not only does it sound manly, but it’s also romantic to hear. She’ll surely swoon over your notable attitude.

Strive to Become a Better Person for Her

Despite her assurances that you’re already perfect, striving day by day to be better won’t hurt. If anything, it might even improve your relationship.

It is only after you realize that you have to be a better man for her that you will be motivated to change. As a result, your relationship improves for the better.

To put it another way, self-improvement allows us to continue growing and moving forward.

Here are a few tips to help you start your journey to becoming better:

Lastly, you must not forget why you’re improving yourself. Be sure not to leave your girlfriend behind. Encourage her to improve as well. A couple that helps each other grow (mentally and emotionally) have higher chances of staying together in the long term.

Other Romantic Gestures Women Want to Experience

Whether you want to create romantic moments in your relationship or you need ideas to surprise your partner, this section is for you.

Below are some grand romantic gestures you should definitely try with your girlfriend. These come from telenovelas and romantic films that Colombian ladies would love to experience (at least once in their life).

  1. Kissing in the rain. It’s the ultimate cinematic symbol of uncontrollable passion. It is a classic favorite that appears in so many movies. Women everywhere have dreamed of being kissed while being soaked and drenched in the rain. Most of them have seen it in a box office movie and have wished for it to happen to them in real life.

  2. Angry kisses (kissing her while she’s furiously angry). In a relationship, anger is good. It is an expression of passion and love. Rather than getting frustrated, grab her by the waist and kiss her. There’s nothing more effective than shocking her with a passionate kiss to calm her down. It is also incredibly romantic.

  3. A room full of flowers. Your wallet will cry tears of sadness. On the other hand, your girl will cry tears of joy. If you have the money, why not?

  4. Sneaky love notes. Despite its simplicity, it still sends the message of love clearly.

  5. Romantic scavenger hunt. Take her on an adventure. Create a map with riddles and puzzles leading her to a special place - the place you first met and fell in love.

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Latin Personals Long term couples don't mind putting in extra effort to make their partner feel valued.

Romance in Relationships Requires Hard Work

Creating romance while dating Colombian women is not difficult. Just let them know you care about them daily and they’ll realize how much you love them.

Using the right approach can leave them speechless. Effort, perseverance, and creativity are all you need. Ultimately, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

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