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Did you know that being on time is offensive in Latin American culture? It is wise to learn about Latin customs because it will help you in the dating scene too! Read on to know what other offensive things you should consider when traveling to Latin America.


Roman Catholic’s influence in Latin America remains strong; hence, homosexuality is yet to be unacceptable there. No matter how well-informed you are when it comes to this controversial topic, it may not be welcomed by most Latina women. Better to know her interests first, so you will know if she’s the right person to talk to about or if it’s best to avoid it. As for drugs, it is an absolute no-no because of the damage it has brought to Latin American families and their reputation. Don’t mention Pablo Escobar or the widely popular Narcos TV series when talking to Latinas. Not even joking about any drug-related matter will do you any good.


It doesn’t matter what shape you are in, going topless is offensive in conservative Latin America. When seeking Latina women for marriage, it is important to gain respect from her family and those closest to her because they are the most important aspect of her life. Family is forever. Besides, no one in Latin America can stand anyone baring their private parts in public. Skinny-dipping or swimming naked at the beach or waterfalls is another offensive thing you should never do with your Latina woman. You wouldn’t want to make her feel humiliated in her motherland. Keep your clothes on in public— you’ll be admired for that.


The middle finger gesture is not offensive in Latin America. It is usually used to point at someone or that it doesn’t mean anything here; although, there are maybe Latina women who consider it offensive. The thumbs up and O.K., however, are among the rudest hand gestures you should reconsider a thousand times before doing so because it is equivalent to the middle finger in the United States. Best to avoid it even when you’re looking to impress Latin women. It would be wise to communicate well without cursing or doing offensive hand gestures when angry— you’ll avoid making it worse, and it is a skill that is not only incredibly attractive, but also very uncommon worldwide.


Deciding against calling Latina women ‘Mami’ or even uttering this word will save you from mockery. It is strongly associated with catcalling. Your intentions may be clear that you just want to compliment your Latina woman for being attractive, but it is considered as sexual harassment. You’re only making yourself unattractive towards Latina women. Instead, call her beautiful and focus on complimenting her personality because she has more to offer than her physical attributes.


Stupid is among the once offensive words that are being said casually in many countries. But it is not taken lightly in Latin America. Instead of calling someone stupid, suggest better ways for them to do or say. You will help them better themselves; besides, calling someone stupid does nothing at all. It is hard at first, especially when you are used to it. Cut those bad habits out of your life. Latin women love intelligent men. Show them that you are one.


Handing a gift or whatever that is asked will not only make you respectable, it will help you avoid conflict in Latin America. Sure, tossing can be a fun way to give things. But cut this out of your life too, even with people who are used to this will appreciate it and they will look up to you because they may realize that this is respectful no matter the culture they are part of. Imagine your Latina asking for your help, and you just toss it to her. Yes, you will see the anger in her face; moreover, it will cause damage to your relationship because it will be seen that it is not in you to help her out.

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